Few benefits of Yoga is discussed below:

             Yoga culture mind, body and spirit. Asanas culture the body, the Asanas are meant to be the steady comfortable postures. 

             The forward bending asanas contract the lungs to eliminate stored toxin airs, improving blood flow to the brain, thus enhancing memory power. The Abdominal organs get thorough massage enhancing the blood circulation and increasing the acitivities of digestive organs and glands.

             The backward bending asanas give good stretch and flexibility to spine giving better circluation of the blood to spine, giving strech to lungs and ehnacing oxygen intake thus  improving the quality of oxygenated blood. This would intern supply good quality of nurtiens to all organs of body.

              The Inverted Asanas work against gravity thus giving a soothing relaxation for Heart and other vital organs. All the blood that has been accumulated in remote corners are drawn out to the lungs and are recharged with fresh oxygenation and circulated. Thus toxins are eliminated.

                Through regular practice of Asanas, diseases such as Asthma, Diabities, Arthritis, Hypertension, Obesity can be kept out of your life.

                Meditation techniques bring relaxation to mind, increasing will power, memory, concentration thus bringing better quality of thoughts and more goal focused in life. The Mental stamina and strength is enhanced. Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Neurosis etc can be overcome with regular practice of Yogic techniques.

             Relaxation techniques provide proper rest and calmness stillness of mind and body thus enhancing the health.

             Kriya (cleansing techniques) provide regular cleaning of the vital canals/passages thus removing unwanted deposits of toxins.          
             Yoga in general keeps you fit, energetic, attain good stamina and health. The aging process is prolonged by enhancing lusture of skin,  thus brining more self confidence and less dependencies on others. Man is running behind money at cost of health, but later spend all money to recover the health. Hence the wise choice would be to become self desciplined, invest your time on health and stay fit,  enhance immunity against various diseases. 

              It is time to realize this important message and learn the ancient practice that is easy not dependent on any tools or equipments, all it requires is  awareness, self descipline, right knowledge of Yoga . Learn it once and stay Healthy.