Patanjali - Yoga

        The Word Yoga comes from Sanskrit word 'Yuj' meaning Union.  A union of Mind body and Sprit. An ancient indian practice from the Great sage Patanjali for benifit of Mankind.

        Modern World has braught great comfort for the human life. These comforts has also braught various problems. The world is changing fast and our mind is unable to adapt to this fast changing world causing psychosomatic diseases like stress, anxiety. The Junk food and indescipline in Diet has caused obesitity, Diabitieis. Lack of physical exercises, addictions of drugs has caused physical stress and various allergies, laziness, lack of energy etc.

       Yoga has been an answer for all these problems and the world is realizing the benifits of yoga and turning towards yoga for  solutions of all such problems. A Healthy mind keeps Healthy Body, and Healthy Body makes Spirits live Happily creating a Positive thoughts and bliss leading to a Healthy mind. Mind Body and Soul are thus all related. This is only practice apart from Tai-Chi that connects - Mind* Body* Soul.

According to Ashtanga Yoga, there are 8 limbs of Yoga-
1)  Yama (Self behaviour like Honesty, Truth).
2) Niyama (Social behaviour like Non-Violence, Non-Stealing, Surrender to Supreme).
3) Asanas (Physical postures to culture body).
4) Pranayama (Regulation of Breath in conscious manner).
5) Prathyahara (Regulation of senses).
6) Dhyana (Meditation).
7) Dharana (Concentration).
8) Samadhi (Attaining Superconscious state).